Art Statement

We transmit vibrations in sound through the words we speak. The movements of our actions radiate frequencies and tones, which the element of water responds to fluidly. Energy is fluid.

Some actions preforms differently, example when admired day by day we view calmness, halcyon, balmy, and peacefulness. When pushed to the limit, overwhelm us into becoming enraged, drained, stagnant or paralyzed.

 Cherree’s splashes of empathic energies that preforms a stage of astonishment of her creativity to her viewers.

Through the dry brush medium Cherree transforms the monocles which unify as soulmates on to paper.

Her body of work, tilted “Splashparenties” is about the different vibrational frequencies we transmit through fluid water and how it may truly mirror ourselves. 


The dry brush process works with oil paint straight from the tube. It is applied ever so lightly by brush, directly on acid free museum board and paper, repeating the application layer by layer to bring out the finer details and shadows.

Shown here is a collection of original work by Cherree Mallette. Inquire for more information.
Due to the delicacy of Cherree's work you're encouraged to view her pieces in person at her studio.