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About Cherree

Cherree Mallette is a painter with a touch of science. She was born in 1957 her B.A. in Painting and Drawing received from University of Pittsburgh subsequent to that she attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Her career started as an Illustrator in Cleveland, Ohio then moved to Florida extending her talents as an illustrator and continued to become a Color Technician. Parenting with an inventor of Chromatec. Offering a service of simi comps in matching the P.M.S. library of colors for graphic designers in the Central Florida Area.

Being a great success this is when she married in 1984. In 1993 she lost a pregnancy which placed her in a unknowing shocking divorced.

Healing and trying to find the answers Cherree began to paint Full Time. She achieved awards and written recognition she grew to galley and museum showings in the state of Florida. Opening her art to Soho, New York until the Great Recession when real-estate, Banks, Mortgage Companies had fallen as well as Art Galleries.

This brought her to place her work aside and take a sabbatical for a couple of years.

She now lives in New Smyrna Beach, Florida where she reinvented herself with her new series Splashparencies . When viewing this body of work you become uplifted and refreshed. Purchasing her work you contribute on helping our environmental waters of our oceans and marine life safer and better.

For more about Cherree Mallette click here to download her CV.


“I create from my heart, producing works of art to touch, move and inspire the viewer.”


Cherree Mallette

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 The Art of Drybrush

Dry brush is one of the most demanding art forms, requiring patience and an obsession for detail, quality and perfection. Because it is unforgiving, one wrong stroke becomes a flaw, causing the art to be started all over again. The detail and realism is a cross between a photograph and a two dimensional object. The dry brush process works with oil straight from the tube without any solvents. It is applied ever so lightly, directly on acid free board, repeating the application over and over to bring out the tones and values necessary to achieve a photo realism effect. With months of dedication and painstaking care, a work of fine art is created.