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About Cherree

Cherree Mallette was raised in a small northeastern town surrounded by music and the arts. She began to play guitar, sing, dance and draw at an early age. Over time, she drew her inspiration from her real-world experiences and transferred them into her artwork.

Cherree studied at the university of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and received a B. A. in Drawing and Painting and an Associates Degree in Visual Communications.

She is now using her fine art talents to express herself through the technique of dry brush. Detail and realism, achieved by Cherree in her art is comparable to that of a photograph and a two dimensional object. The dry brush medium, with it’s subtle contrasts, focuses on the qualities of light and its effect it has. Cherree is fascinated by transforming something commonplace into the extraordinary,through inner expression and exaggerated interpretation of details. Lovers of art will sense her passionate feeling and the commitment in her work.

Currently residing in Florida, she has been a full-time artist for the past fifteen years.

Recently, Cherree has added another dimension to her art by creating an original CD to complement her painting. “Projecting – a musical composition of an artists portfolio” was created to enhance the experience of her series “Spearmint Blue Walls”.

Cherree supports the Water Institute of Gainsville, FL

Proceeds of Splashparencies go to support the Water Institute. Share your support for student scholarships. Click here to donate.

About The Water Institute, University of Florida

The University of Florida Water Institute brings together talent from throughout the University and builds internal and external partnerships to address urgent water research challenges; implement innovative interdisciplinary academic programs to train excellent students; and provide state-of-the-art expert assistance and educational programs for external stakeholders.  Water Institute faculty represent a breadth of water specialties from geophysical, chemical, biological and social sciences, engineering, law and humanities. 

Sherwood L. Stokes-Environment and Water Quality Scholarship

Sherwood L. Stokes provided this endowment through a bequest to support scholarships to students studying to improve and protect Florida’s environment in general, and water in  in particular. Stokes worked his way through Florida’s southern  college during the great depression by writing for field and stream, life and sports illustrated, After he earned his law degree from UF in 1948, he returned to Haines City, Fla., and started his own law firm. He became a lifelong environmental advocate and community activist. A member of the a Sierra Club and Audubon  Society, Stokes helped found the Save Our Lakes program and encouraged the use of treated wastewater for irrigation.

 He passed away in 1998.  


“I create from my heart, producing works of art to touch, move and inspire the viewer.”


Cherree Mallette

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 The Art of Drybrush

Dry brush is one of the most demanding art forms, requiring patience and an obsession for detail, quality and perfection. Because it is unforgiving, one wrong stroke becomes a flaw, causing the art to be started all over again. The detail and realism is a cross between a photograph and a two dimensional object. The dry brush process works with oil straight from the tube without any solvents. It is applied ever so lightly, directly on acid free board, repeating the application over and over to bring out the tones and values necessary to achieve a photo realism effect. With months of dedication and painstaking care, a work of fine art is created.