Human Form

Art Statement

My artwork is categorized as Contemporary Monochromatic Figural Multi-dimensional Drawings. I start by outlining my images on an acid free board that gives me a beginning point to create my subject. My fine art is created by applying with a brush using oil paint with no added ingredients in layers of ever so lightly invisible brush strokes. This process of painting takes months of precision, dedication, and painstaking work. The hues of cool and warm tones entice the viewer to analyze each emphasized detail. Another dimension is added to my work via a CD sound track of music. I sing my original compositions, write my lyrics, and accompanied my singing with my guitar playing.

I am a storyteller using monochromatic tones and tints placing everyone of being equal. Equal having free will and the ability to become. The character of my portraits speak out of that individual telling the story of life. The innocence, harsh cruel times it’s those person’s actions or mannerisms as it relates to the subject matter. If we can start to determine that, then we can recognize and be proud of who we are as Americans, as individuals, and in how much we have to give.

I hope to be able to touch people. I believe that hard work and doing things with your hands should be something to be proud of and should still be an important part of each person’s world. I want my artwork is designed to keep a viewer involved and produce feelings through both sight and sound. I hope it inspires others to want to possess or get involved with quality artwork.