The Process - Cherree Mallette

The first step includes a phone conversation to determine the scope of the art. The discussion includes the subject matter, size, location, and environment, estimated time onsite, any special requests and answer any questions about the art and process.

Cherree then meets onsite with you and anyone else associated with the artwork. This is done to get a feel of the subject(s) personality to best represent this in the art.

Cherree will then spend the necessary time photographing the subject(s) in their environment and capture them from her perspective. This is used as a reference for the art. Upon returning back to her studio she will create a pencil drawing to better show what direction she plans to take. You will receive an email of the drawing and be asked a time to discuss this with you. 

Next, Cherree will start the art. This part of the process will take between 2 to 4 months depending on size and subject matter.

Upon completion the art will be sent to you. 

If desired, additional collaboration is available for framing, placement and accessories to accent the art.

The Financial

After the preliminary conversation a fee is given in the form of a contract. The contract will need to be signed and returned with a payment of 1/3 of the fee.

Additional 1/3 of the fee is due after the drawing is emailed and a phone conversation is completed.

Upon completion and prior to shipping you will receive an email of the final art. At this point the final payment is due.

Note: The estimate may be altered depending on the onsite meeting, which may change the scope of the work. The change will be explained so that the buyer understands why the change.  


When buying from Cherree you’re buying more than just a painting. You are buying the eyes, hands, education and mind of an artist that has dedicated her life to her art with hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks & months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You aren’t just buying a thing you’re buying a piece of the artist’s heart and soul - part of her life. 

Be patient, this art is one of a kind, there is no science or magic, it will become a family heirloom for friends, family and you to enjoy for generations.